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The Chairman’s Council is a distinct group of donors who support our conservative mission with an annual donation of $365 per year. Donation can be lump sum or monthly.

Your financial support as a member of the Chairman’s Council helps protect Oklahoma’s conservative values while ensuring a legacy of Republican leadership in Oklahoma County.  As an investor in the GOP’s mission, you will be invited to annual County Events with reduced ticket prices for members in good standing.  You will also receive important updates about the County Party and what’s going on at the national, state and local levels.

Join the Chairman’s Council in one of the following ways:

* Make a gift of $365 or more today

* Make an initial gift of $100 then Pledge to give $265 in monthly increments for the remainder of the year

Your Chairman’s Council Membership comes with benefits:

  • Invited to annual events and meetings
  • Reduced ticket prices for the Lincoln-Reagan Day Dinner
  • Recognition as a contributor at events, on website, etc.
  • Receive important updates on national, state and local party functions and events


If you prefer to pay by check.  Click Here for a Printable Donation Form.  Send your check to:

Oklahoma County GOP Headquarters
PO Box 720716
Oklahoma City, OK 73172

John and Jody Elliott

Maggi Burton and Ken Warner

Linda Huggard

Clem Burdick

Jay Mandraccia

Charles Potts

Nathan Schlinke

Ron Cupp

Claudette Robertson

Darry Bergstrasser

Bruce Kleese

If you have any questions, please email