2023 Oklahoma County Republican Convention for Oklahoma County Republican Convention Delegates
Please mark your calendar!
Saturday, March 11, 2023
Registration: 7:00AM to 9:00AM
Convention Gavel: 9:00AM
Location: Higher Plain Baptist Church, 6810 NW 122 St., OKC 73142 [Directions]
Fee: $20 cash or check preferred; credit cards accepted

Registered Republican residents of Oklahoma County were invited to attend the 2023 Biennial Republican Precinct meetings on January 28, 2023, for the purpose of electing new Precinct Officers, County Convention Delegates and choosing the type of convention delegation: Open Delegation or Delegate-Alternate.

If you are aware of a qualified registered Republican who was unable to attend their Oklahoma County Republican precinct meeting and would like to be considered for inclusion as a delegate from their precinct, they should plan to arrive at the County Convention before 8:30AM to go through the Credentials Committee vetting process. If they are qualified, their ability to participate will be based on the type of delegation the precinct selected at the 2023 Biennial Precinct Meeting.
Delegation Types
An Open Delegation is one which allows all qualified delegates from a precinct to attend and vote at the County Convention, regardless of the number of delegate votes.

A Delegate/Alternate delegation is one in which the number of delegates matches the allocated votes of the precinct with alternates names in case the delegate cannot attend. Some precincts may have slots available but that will be first-come, first-serve at the County Convention.

These are the precincts that have opted for a Delegate/Alternate delegation. If you would like to know if there are slots available, you can contact the OK County GOP office at 405-849-5198 or email info@okcogop.com with your name and precinct number to determine if there is a slot available:

550328, 550377, 550378, 550379, 550380, 550382, 550383, 550384, 550385, 550389, 550400, 550424, 550429, 550508, 550515, 550521, 550574
ALL delegates and potential delegates should bring their Voter ID card and a photo ID. You will be asked to sign a delegate registry. No MEDIA allowed. Guests will be seated in the balcony and children are not allowed on the floor of the Convention. Please plan accordingly.
What does the fee cover?
The $20 fee covers the cost of facility rental and staff, security, and printing and digital display expenses. In addition, we are opting to hire a professional, registered Parliamentarian from outside of Oklahoma County who will help us complete ALL of our business in a timely, professional manner. Students not yet of voting age may attend with a parent for free but must be able to sit, unattended, in the balcony with other guests.

The business covered at the 2023 County Convention includes:

  • Voting on changes to the OK County Platform and OKGOP Party Rules as presented by the County Convention Committees
  • Voting for the County Central Committee: Chairman, Vice Chairman and two State Committee members
  • Voting, by Congressional District, for two District Committee members from each of the three Congressional Districts in Oklahoma County: CD3, CD4 and CD5

Campaigning for County Republican Office?
Delegates who want to campaign for any of the County or District offices may send a request for the delegate list to: Gaylene@okcogop.com
Please watch your email inbox for the Platform and Rules Committee Reports as well as any additional information you need to know before arriving!
Your 2023 County Convention organizer,
Gaylene Stupic
Vice Chairman,
2021-2023 OK County GOP